About Us

Empire Creative Studios is an extension of Empire Advertising & Design, LLC, a full-service design and marketing company located in Nassau Bay, Texas near NASA. Empire Creative Studios was created to help individuals and businesses “Inspire the Journey to Their Success” by helping them connect with their unique sets of talents and products, then effectively communicating them to others. At Empire Creative Studios our focus is on helping others develop and deliver effective, authentic communication. While we began by providing mainly visual communication through graphic design and website designs, we’ve expanded our services to include photography, video production, and now communication and acting classes.


LeeanneLeeanne Rambin, Facilitator

Leeanne has had a passion for the stage for as long as she can remember. As a child she would write plays, wrangle in her friends and family members to act in them, and then stage them in the garage for an audience of neighbors, or have her Dad capture them on slides (remember those?) or video. In her younger years, Leeanne was a member of a dance drill team that performed at national events. She also trained in voice and music. Leeanne explored her love for theatre in high school, where she was very active in the Drama Club, performed lead roles in several school plays and talent shows, and participated in regional One-Act competitions.

Leeanne attended Arizona State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. In college, Leeanne honed her skills as a Director. She also spent a semester abroad at Richmond University in London, England, where she got to experience Shakespearean drama in its native land, and also tour the sets of major theatrical productions. Leeanne also immersed herself into the world of film in college. She chaired the Sneak Previews Committee, volunteered for several years at the Saguaro Film Festival, and was an active member of the ASU Filmmakers Society where she helped in the making of several student films. She also took many courses in film, including courses on acting for film.

During this time, Leeanne also began working on Hollywood productions. She worked in various capacities on many Made for TV movies and Feature Films including, Mars Attacks!!!, Robin Cook’s Terminal, Invasion, and several more. Leeanne had the opportunity to work alongside actors and celebrities such as Rob Schneider, Michael J. Fox, Nia Peeples, Doug Savant, Michael Ironside, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tim Burton, Nancy Kerrigan and many more.

After college, Leeanne spent several years living in different parts of the country, getting involved and experiencing the different theatre cultures. In Arizona she taught theatre courses. In Vermont she put together a theatre troupe and produced and directed a series of plays. She also participated extensively in community theatre, doing acting and singing, directing, stage managing, set design, make-up and lighting design for different productions. In Florida she worked at an agency and helped produce commercials for radio and TV. She also did lighting design and ran lights for local stage productions. In Montana she taught theatre classes to adults and children.

In 2001, Leeanne moved to Houston and turned her focus to establishing and growing her design firm, Empire Advertising & Design (now Empire Creative Marketing). Through Empire she has produced dozens of video productions for various clients. She has recently appeared on stage in plays at Clear Creek Community Theatre. In 2011 she was Executive Producer, Producer, Production Manager and actor in the feature film The Last Mark, starring W. Morgan Shepperd (Transformers, The Prestige), Jeremy London (Mall Rats, Party of Five), and Brandon Smith (Bernie, Powder). In 2012 she was Line Producer and actor in the feature film The Truth. In addition, Leeanne serves as a committee member of the annual Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival.