Large Studio with Multiple Features

Studio A is our largest Studio space boasting over 1900 square feet of open studio space. It features 2 cycloramas, a private lobby with complimentary Wifi, a green room for hair and makeup, full restroom equipped with a shower, a 14 ft. garage door for loading equipment, a lighting truss support system with a load limit of 1200 lbs and is encompassed by 15’ black curtains on a track.

We offer a removable 8’X16’ stage, sound enforcement, production lighting, backdrops and more for your photography and video production needs.

This space is also perfect for hosting banquets, events, workshops, parties and conferences.

Can’t get enough?

Here are even more features!



Pre-planning to completion

Home and roof inspections

Virtual Tours

Surveying, Inspections, and Mapping

For commercial real estate, Drones (UAVs) can be used to gather high-resolution imagery and data. It is best for getting detailed information about large areas in a short amount of time.

Drones are making their way into commercial real estate, and investors should consider getting involved before the technology becomes mainstream.

Architectural drone services have been a big trend in the architecture and engineering world for some time now. They’re changing everything from how projects are conceived, to the way they’re designed, constructed, inspected, and documented.

You might be wondering, what does using drones for marketing your business even mean?

Drones are being used for a lot of interesting things these days. For example, they can be used to make short films and videos that will help advertise your business. 

Drones are an awesome way of marketing your business. It’s a bit different than what you’re used to, but it’s definitely worth trying!

Industrial Drone Services are an increasingly popular option for mapping and video.

Industrial drone services offer a new perspective on your office, construction site, or other projects with less risk of injury than from the ground level.

The use of drone technology in the insurance industry has increased significantly. With it, claims can be processed faster and more accurately. Insurance companies use drones to help them inspect areas that are too dangerous for insurance agents, or where it would take too long for an agent.

Aerial photography has been shown to help many industries like construction companies evaluate possible risks before work begins or even during labor hours.

Sporting events are always an exciting time. One way to make the day even more fun is by live-streaming with a drone service and video production company like Empire Creative Studios. Partner with us in advance, so you can share your favorite moments on social media as soon as they happen!

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